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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The History of Mustang Shelby GT (1965-2011)

Driving is usually a passion of all speed enthusiasts. For some people, driving is the height of their craziness. These crazy guys need extra performance from their vehicles. Not every cars and SUV's can deliver the best in terms of speed, control, reliability along with security of person on driving seat. There are a few names of Muscle Cars in the series of heavy duty cars, and one of them is Mustang Shelby GT. The Mustang Shelby GT series are heavy duty roaring cars known for the ultimate in performance and speed. And here is the history of Mustang Shelby GT.


The first GTs were Shelby modified K-Code 289 cubic [4.7 liter] V8 Fastbacks that had their power increased from 271 HP up to 306 HP. Shelby ordered 252 units of 1965 Fastbacks for his conversion into 1966 Shelby GT350. The project itself began in August of 1964 and in September the first Shelby GT350s were born. The public unveil was done on January 27 of 1965. Shelby GT350 also featured Hooly carburetor, Cobra valve covers, special Cobra hi-rise intake manifold, 4-speed manual transmission, side exhaust pipes, Wimbledon white body color with 2 stripes and no back seats, because of SCCA's requirements [2-door coupes only]. All in all, there were 562 Shelby GT350 street legal and 37 GT360R units built in 1965. The Shelby GT350R were built for races only.